T•D series Scalefor   jewellery(for Export)

  DTK Serial Electronic Scale with vertical axis Tare

  DT Normal Electronic Scale

  DTK Precise Electronic Scale

  DTA(C)Precise Electronic Scale

  DTK(A)Serial Electronic Scale

  DTA(E)Economic Electronic Scale

  DT(C)Normal Electronic Scale

  DT03 series electronic precision balance

  DTKB series of industrial weighing scales

  EA-T Series Student tray balance

DTA(E)Economic Electronic Scale




High Quality Vs Reasonable price
Auto-Caliberation 、Auto-Counting
Reliable and Sensitive
Easy and for operation
Model Max measurement/accuracy

Scale size

Display method



DT100A 100g/0.01g Φ130 LED(配砝码) AC220V 246×185×73
DT200A 200g/0.01g
DT300A 300g/0.01g
DT500A 500g/0.01g
DT600A 600g/0.01g
DT1000A 1000g/0.01g
DT1200A 1200g/0.01g
DT2002A 2000g/0.01g
DT3002A 3000g/0.01g
DT2000A 2000g/0.1g 178×173 LED


DT3000A 3000g/0.1g
DT5000A 5000g/0.1g
DT6000A 6000g/0.1g

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